Investing in the best Founders

About the Alchemy Syndicate

We believe in democratising investing in the best early-stage private companies. This is where the vast majority of wealth creation occurs, pre-IPO.

We believe that early stage investors have a unique opportunity and responsibility to use their networks and expertise to advise Founders and accelerate their growth.

Alchemy invests in the best pre-seed and seed stage technology companies.

We are a group of Founders, Operators and Financiers with direct, hands-on experience with the challenges entrepreneurs face on the journey of building a business.

We harness this experience, our funding and talent networks to deliver value to portfolio companies and accelerate their progress.

We are a force-multiplier with a proven track-record in accelerating growth in early stage technology businesses.

We have access to high quality deal-flow through a network of former and current UK tech founders who have raised more than $150m in venture capital and have already achieved $200m+ in exits.

Why invest as part of the Alchemy Syndicate?

Vetted Deal Flow

Our Founding Members are also Founders and serial Angels, with extensive deal networks. We receive and review more than 1,000 decks per year and invest in less than 1% of these companies.

Every deal which is sent to the syndicate has DD completed with Founding Members taking part in the investment.


Alchemy enables greater diversification in your portfolio by enabling you to invest smaller ticket sizes than the usual minimum in the best early stage technology companies.

Early Liquidity

Investing through a syndicate helps avoid some of the administration and barriers to selling a stake if you are directly invested in early-stage companies.

Alchemy is also a network of like-minded co-investors who are an immediate community of potential acquirers of your stake.

We typically invest in companies which meet the following criteria:

  • Pre-seed / seed stage (must have a product live)

  • UK Based

  • SEIS / EIS qualifying

  • Marketplaces, B2B SaaS & DTC

For Investors

High quality deal flow vetted and approved by former and current technology industry veterans.

A network of like-minded and well-connected investors. All deals are fully vetted and backed personally by the deal sponsor.

Membership of the syndicate is by application only.

For Founders

We are a founder-friendly syndicate. Our capital comes with access to our extensive talent and fundraising networks.

We actively assist with talent acquisition and fundraising for future rounds. We are patient capital. We do not seek control or board seats.